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Introduction to the English Legal System, 2018-2019 edition

New to this edition

The 2018–2019 edition of Introduction to the English System includes coverage of:

  • the implications of Brexit
  • redrawing of Parliamentary constituency boundaries
  • progress with the Government’s Transformation of our Justice System reform programme;
  • reform of the youth criminal justice system;
  • the Lammy report on discrimination in the criminal justice system;
  • civil justice reform, including establishement of the Business and Property Courts of England and Wales;
  • new ideas for controlling the costs of civil litigation;
  • significant changes to the fees policy for administrative tribunals;
  • further proposals for reform of the regulation of the legal professions and claims management companies;
  • research into alternative busincess structures
  • review of the impact of legal aid cuts
  • proposals relating to the use of Alternative Dispute Resolution.

Further changes will be noted in this blog so that you can keep up to date with latest developments


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