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Queen’s speech 2009

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The Queen’s speech, delivered on 18 November 2009, has been widely hailed as the starting point for the General Election campaign – to be held in 2010.

There are two measures of particular interest to those following developments in the justice system and the machinery of government. First the Constitutional Reform and Governance Bill – which started its parliamentary process in the 2008-9 session – will continue to make progress in the coming session. This Bill contains a complex collection of measures of a rather technical nature, such as ‘putting the Civil Service on a statutory footing’ and giving new responsibilities to Parliament regards the ratification of treaties – both activities which are at present outside direct Parliamentary control.

In addition a draft House of Lords Reform Bill will be introduced; this will clearly not become an Act before the General Election. Its eventual fate, after the election, is currently impossible to predict – though it is more than likely that House of Lords reform will remain an item of unfinished business for some time to come.


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