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Queen’s Speech, 2010

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The Queen’s Speech – outlining the priorities of the new Government – does not contain much that relates directly to the issues considered in Introduction to the English Legal System. However, the economic constraints which are going to be imposed by the Government will clearly impact on the legal system. The resources available for the courts, legal aid, administrative justice etc will all be under considerable scrutiny. The pressure to do things more cheaply will be overwhelming.
In the list of Bills announced: The Police Reform and Social Responsibility Bill may change the ways in which the police are organised; the Freedom (Great Repeal) Bill may impact on issues relating to criminal justice; the Parliamentary Reform Bill may lead to changes in parliamentary and election procedures. The Queen’s Speech also mentions other work that the Government intends to take forward, including House of Lords reform, and the funding of political parties.
These issues will be considered further here, as more details become available. For more information about the Queen’s Speech, see:


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