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Promoting Mediation – Interview with Jeremy Tagg

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In this podcast, I talk to Jeremy Tagg, a senior official in the Ministry of Justice. For many years he has been leading a team which has sought to promote Lord Woolf’s vision for the civil justice system, that courts should be the forum of last resort, and that where possible those in dispute should be encouraged to find their own solutions to their problems.
Jeremy has helped to advance the idea that the courts themselves might be able to assist parties to reach mediated decisions, rather than court-imposed decisions.
In particular, he dicusses the development of the new On-line Mediation directory (see blog 1 October 2011). He also discusses the success of small claims mediation which, to many people’s surprise, now disposes of thousands of cases a year.
Ministry of Justice guidance on Mediation can be seen at

Listen to Jeremy Tagg’s interview at


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October 18, 2011 at 8:01 am

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