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Shaping legal services: interview with Crispin Passmore, Legal Services Board

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In this podcast I talk to Crispin Passmore, Strategy Director at the Legal Services Board, about the work of the Board – discussed in Chapter 9 of the book. He talks about the background to the establishment of the Board, and how its work has developed since the Legal Services Act 2007 came into effect.

In the course of the discussion we consider a number of themes. First, what is ‘public interest’ in the provision of legal services. Historically, there has been a close alignment of public interest and professional interest; this is now changing. Crispin refers to a paper on this, available at

Second, Crispin emphasises the need for legal services to be delivered in ways which the users of those services – members of the public – feel comfortable with. This may result in big changes to the ways in which lawyers currently deliver services and deal with complaints from clients.

Third, Crispin talks about ABS – the alternative business structures – that are going to affect legal service delivery. They will provide, he argues, enormous opportunities for those willing to seize them. There will be significant developments in 2012.

To hear the podcast go to


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December 16, 2011 at 4:32 pm

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