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Interview with Lucy Scott-Moncrieff, President-elect Law Society

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There have been a number of recent podcasts and blog entries recently reflecting on the future of the legal profession – see for example podcasts with Richard Susskind and Crispin Passmore and the blog entries relating to the Legal Services Act 2007.

In this podcast I talk to Lucy Scott-Moncrieff, who takes over as President of the Law Society of England and Wales in July 2012. I talk to her about the challenges facing the solicitor’s branch of the legal profession and the optimism she feels about the future. She is confident that solicitors will respond imaginatively to new challenges.

I also talk to her about the innovative model of private practice which she has developed – the ‘virtual’ firm – which enables her still to offer legal aid services to the public in important areas of law such as mental health and child protection. See

Listen to Lucy Scott-Moncrieff at


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May 30, 2012 at 8:07 am

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