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In an earlier blog entry, I noted the preliminary work of the Legal Education and Training Review. They have now published an essay by one of their consultants, Professor Richard Susskind on the future of legal education.
In my view, anyone engaged in legal education should read this – students, lecturers, professional trainers, practitioners.
His principal argument is that the business and technological environment within which law is developing is changing so rapidly that the review must try to anticipate what the shape of legal education should be for meeting legal services that will be developed in the future. He fears that too many of those engaged in legal education neither know nor care about how the practice of law is developing, with the result that there may be more attention paid to the past and the present rather than the future.
He urges law teachers and legal practitioners to develop much better interactions – practitioners coming into the law schools to bring academic subjects alive; law teachers sitting in legal practices to see how client demand and technological change is reshaping practice.
He also wants law teachers to understand better the new types of paralegal practice which will be an important feature of the new legal services world.
The lecture can be downloaded and read at


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November 1, 2012 at 10:04 am

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