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Implementation of Law Commission Reports

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The 4th Annual Report into the implementation of reports by the Law Commission for England and Wales was published in May 2014. It lists the reports that have been implemented or which are in the process of implementation. It also sets out the 2 reports which the Government has decided should not be legislated, though in one case, dealing with the credibility of experts giving evidence in criminal cases, the Government argues that this has been achieved through amendments to the Criminal Courts Procedure Rules. (The other – a major report on the reform of Partnership law is not going ahead.)

There is a long list of reports on which final decisions of Government are still awaited.

Interestingly the report notes that the Law Commission’s report Renting Homes, which the Government in Westminster decided should not go ahead, is being taken forward by the Government in Wales.

The report is available at


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June 2, 2014 at 2:34 pm

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